1. The Alchemist

    The Alchemist

    İMDb : 8.3 5 Episode

    One of the greatest men to ever walk the earth – a polymath, a physician, a philosopher and an alchemist – Mohammad ibn Zakariyya Razi, known in the Western World as Rasis. This great Persian polymath wrote pioneering books about smallpox and measles and discovered many chemicals including kerosene. Follow his journey as his life changes from being a merchant’s son to one of the most celebrated men in medical science.
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      8.3   324

    •  Genre: Islamic History
    •  Original Name: سریال کیمیاگر (زکریای رازی)
    •  First release date: 2009
    •  Web Page https://en.ifilmtv.com/Series/Content/12039
    •  Country:
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